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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Last One: It Ends as It Began: 2010.03.15

Brush markers or Brushes App, you decide! From life/live video feed. ~30 minutes. It ends as it began, with a simple green line drawing - tousled hair and mock turtleneck, large glasses and double chin. It ends as it began, and yet it doesn't. I'm much more facile now, the drawings have a different ease. I'm much more confident - not worried about the muse leaving me, knowing that if I draw every day I'll get some duds and some beauties, and neither matters very much, because it's the process of engaging with the visual world which compels me. It ends as it began except it doesn't. The first drawing was done with magic markers on paper and this one was done with my finger on my iPod Touch using the Brushes App. The first one was done staring in a mirror, this one was done staring at a live video feed on my computer. It ends as it began except... the world and I have both changed in these three years. It ends... and something new starts. To celebrate I'm throwing a Portrait Party - lots of artists exchanging photos and drawing each other from them. If you'd like to play, please join this group & start a discussion thread with some photos of yourself: I hope to draw at least the first 30 artists to post photos. Although I'm not actually starting on this project until tomorrow, the party started a week ago & many of the other artists have already gone gang-busters. It's a load of fun, so check it out! This is the final piece of my Daily Portrait Project, in which I made a non-photographic image of myself every day for three years, and posted it on the web. Please follow my new Daily Art blog at



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