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Wednesday, April 11, 1990

Black Streak: 1990

Black Streak: 1990, originally uploaded by Julia Kay.

Monoprint with chine cole.
18 X 18 inches.
~ 3 hours from inking the plate to cleanup.

I was looking for all my images of David Friedheim for the Portrait Party, and I found another whole set of scans of images of me that I had forgotten about - LOL!

These were all monoprints, some with chine cole.

A monoprint is when you paint on a hard surface, such as plexiglass, then run it through a press to transfer the paint/ink to a piece of paper and make a print. You only get one print - hence mono. However, there is usually a ghost image left on the plate, so you can paint over it again and get a pretty similar or related image. So you can see some of these are in a series.

Chine cole is when you lay different papers down on top of each other before running it through the press. It's a kind of print/collage process.


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