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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Juicy Paint 2010.01.05

Juicy Paint 2010.01.05, originally uploaded by Julia Kay.

I imagined myself at Roland Petersen's Wedding Feast with Five Figures at the Juicy Paint exhibition that was part of my art tour today in San Jose, California, USA.

The story of how I came to make this piece is told in my column for Women's Voices for Change, an online magazine. They've invited me to write a monthly feature on a selection from my Daily Portrait Project. Please check it out and leave a comment on *their* site, so they know this is a feature worth continuing. Thanks, everyone!

Inspire App on my iThing.
2 sessions, probably about 60 minutes.
Freehand from the painting while in the museum and a little tweaking later from a photo on the internet which did not do this luscious painting justice!


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