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Monday, January 18, 2010

Is it Paint or is it Memorex?: 2010.01.18

Inspire App on my iThing.
Freehand from a photo.
60-90 minutes.

Self-portrait as one of David Park's Two Heads. I've always liked the Bay Area Figurative Movement, and they've come up recently with the Petersen Wedding piece and the faces in the Aikido meditation piece, so I thought I'd take a closer look.

I still have lots of complaints about the Inspire App's interface but, and it's a big but, I'm really starting to get how paintier it is than the other apps. As a painter, I'm really groovin' on it.

Groovin' was probably last used in normal speech about the same time that there were TV commercials for a cassette tape brand called Memorex. They claimed you couldn't tell "Is it live or is it memorex". Of course, it was neither live or memorex - it was TV. This is neither paint or memorex - it's digital.

Now that I've shown my age, I'd better toddle off to bed...


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