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Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Fabulous Socks Gretchen Knit for Me (final): 2010.01.01

Largely done with pencil and fibracolor markers on paper. But, I didn't like the face (see all stages below) and I do work in many media, so... I scanned it in and worked on it with the following apps on my iThing: ColorSplash, Photoshop & Layers, and then some more in Photoshop on my Mac. I would have preferred to use Brushes for a particular brush, but it completely distorted the image when importing it, so it wasn't possible.

7-8 hours on 4 different days.

Freehand from a photo for the socks and from photo, imagination and verbal description of my smile for the face.

You'd think after almost three years of daily portraits I could easily draw myself smiling without looking insane but it's a struggle every time!


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