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Monday, December 28, 2009

Vellum and Color - Final: 2009.12.27

Vellum and Brushes Apps on my iThing, Photoshop on my Mac.
40 - 60 minutes.
Freehand from a photo.

Those not interested in technical details need read no further!

Rosanne Lambert and I were discussing how to get color behind a Vellum drawing, and I decided to try out my theories.

1. I drew a picture in Vellum and exported.
2. I imported to Brushes and painted in color on a separate layer. I also used very transparent colors just in case the later steps didn't work, but they did.
3. I exported two images from Brushes - one with the color and one the original Vellum drawing. This was important because Brushes slightly resizes and when I used the original original export from Vellum, it didn't work. So, to repeat - you need to export the uncolored Vellum drawing from Brushes as well as the colored one.
4. Opened both pics in Photoshop on my mac.
5. On the uncolored Vellum drawing I:
a. changed it to greyscale
b. selected color range -> highlights
c. inverted selection
d. copied
6. On the colored version, I pasted what I had just copied

It might not be necessary to change to grey scale but it made the selecting alot easier. Hmm... you could probably save the selection, then undo the change to greyscale, reload the selection and then copy, if you think changing to greyscale changed Vellum's graphite tones too much.


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