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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Say, I Just Noticed... Where's My Ear?: 2009.12.17

Some time ago, I made this series of drawings of staircases using rainbow scratch paper designed, of course, for children. Recently I sampled from one of those drawings (I no longer remember which one) to make a custom brush using the Collageees App on my iThing. I drew with the brush I made in Collageees and then exported to Brushes to complete it, largely because Brushes has an Eraser (hint hint).

Other than lacking an eraser, which I'm sure must be coming in the next version (hint hint) Collageees is a very fun, very cool, very unique drawing App which allows you to create adjustable brushes by sampling from the photos on your iThing. If (and only if) you like alot of control over what you draw with, like to experiment with drawing different kinds of lines and textures, and tend to spend time adjusting your brushes to exactly how you want them, I recommend this App. If, however, you just want to select a color and start to draw, this App is not for you.


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