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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

OK, This is Going to Take More Than the Hour I Had Tonight: 2009.12.28

Pencil/graphite and fibracolor magic markers on paper.
~ 5 X 6 inches.
Freehand from a photo.
Took an hour to take the photo, make the pencil drawing, and start the color.

Although I don't knit, naturally I love yarn since it comes in fabulous colors! Therefore I feel especially fortunate to have friends and family who not only knit for me - they use color in a way that really pleases me.

Most notably my Aunt Dottie has made my partner and I many hats & scarves and a fantastic sweater; my friend Gillian knit mismatched fingerless gloves for me, and most recently, my friend Gretchen knit these incredible socks for me.

The socks were made with two different yarns that were died such that they change colors as you go; we went to the store and picked them out together. Both yarns went into each sock, but she switched which role each was playing so the socks do not "match".

So, in addition to my thank you to Gretchen for the socks, I also thank the yarn makers and pattern designers.

I've been wanting to do a drawing of these ever since she gave them to me, probably a couple months ago. Once the markers showed up, I realized what I had been waiting for.

Although you can 'easily' pick from 'millions' of colors when working digitally, in fact it's a real interruption every time you switch. And, while you are picking a new color, you can no longer see your drawing. I never thought about that before.

For this drawing, I'm switchings colors - well, every few stitches. I think it's much easier to keep swapping colors using the marker set and color chart, than it would be going back and forth to a color wheel.

Last thought about this - wide angle lens makes this great distortion where it looks like I must be holding up a blanket and not just socks - the better to enjoy the colors!

OK, to bed!


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