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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gwen John's Grays (Not Mine): 2009.12.14

Collagee App (available soon in an app store near you) on my iThing.
Directly from a photo.
More than an hour creating brushes, another 40-60 minutes drawing.

The fingerpainting a week on an assigned subject/artist group on flickr, got me looking more closely at the work of Gwen John. Instead of trying for her style, I've been admiring her palette. It's very different than my usual screaming vibrant colors but there's an awful lot of subtle variety in all those warm and cool grey brown neutral tones.

This was made entirely in Collagee using brushes I created by sampling color from a jpg of Gwen John's "Young Woman Holding a Black Cat".

I'm pretty satisfied with this - more realistic than usual for me but I like the tones and the pastel effect.

This is part of my Daily Portrait Project, in which I make a non-photographic image of myself every day and post it on the web. This series of self-portraits can be viewed in it's entirety at


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