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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Eye of JuliRa: 2009.11.20

Eye of JuliRa: 2009.11.20, originally uploaded by Julia Kay.

Brushes App on my iThing and then a bunch of cleaning, tweaking, and cropping in Photoshop on my MacBook.

From photos of the Egyptian hieroglyph.
I did this first in photoforge, which I was playing with for the first time, but I was very unhappy with the quality of the image that was downloaded. So, back to Brushes, but a little impatient by then...

In Middle School 'Communications and Theatre' class, I gave my 'secret identity' as the Egyptian god Ra, just on a lark really, because we had to say something.

It turns out that this symbol, known most commonly as the Eye of Horus, but also as the Eye of Ra, is apparently both a symbol of visual communication and a significant ancient Egyptian mathematical symbol (when drawn in exact proportions, which I haven't done here). This seems appropriate for a computer programmer/painter, and also perhaps as the secret symbol of the SP Society. ;)


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