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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Maybe They're Right, My Glasses Are Too Big For My Face: 2009.10.10

Today's work was with Juxtaposer App on my iThing. However, I used Juxtaposer to collage together parts from more than half a dozen past portraits, including two facial features that were originally parts of paintings of dogs, and a neck and torso that was a traditional paper collage/cut-out (a la Matisse) to begin with. Total processes used to make this piece:

Juxtaposer App on iThing
Acrylic paint on canvas
Acrylic paint on masonite
Acrylic paint on paper
Monoprint on paper
Sharpie marker and oil pastel on paper
Brush magic markers on paper
Cut archival fine art papers

I definitely see a series starting, I think I'll call it "Stealing From Myself".

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