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Monday, August 31, 2009

Did Someone Say Turquoise?: 2009.08.30

Acrylic paint on paper.
7 X 9 inches.
Less than 60 minutes.

OK, that's was a whole lotta fun! More paint than the poor watercolor paper I'm using is built for, though - there's some buckling & I couldn't get it completely flat for the scan. There was also no way it was going to dry in time to scan and post last night, so I'm running a little later than usual.

It's tempting to use a more traditional support (canvas/wood panel) for these but... then they won't mount neatly into my volumes of archived portrait project pieces... what's an OCD artist to do?

Thank you to Jerry Waese, whose fantastic use of red/turquoise inspired me to play in this palette:

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