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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

We Were All Waiting for the Train

This was done with the PaintBook App on my iPod Touch (I used a photo for reference).

My shortish review of Paintbook is:
Cons: I don't like Paintbook's palette, it doesn't have an eyedropper, there's undo but no redo, and all the line types have a hard edge.

Pros: Very high resolution for an IDraw app (This drawing is 1706X2048), you can change the size of the 'paper', you can turn the 'paper' in addition to zooming, and there are two kinds of opacity - one where you can lighten a dark color, ie like transparent acrylics, and another where you can only darken, ie watercolors. The latter allows me to 'paint' washes that overlap my black lines without affecting the lines themselves.

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