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Friday, July 24, 2009

Finished At Last?: 1987.04.28 - 2009.07.24

This was a very interesting challenge!

About 1/3 of this was done 22 years ago, pastel on paper. It was finished today on my iPod Touch using the Layers App. Challenge No 1: There really isn't a 'brush' that makes a pastel-like mark, but I think I partially achieved a similar effect. The best iThing pastel mark I've seen is in the ChalkTalk App but it's not a full-fledged drawing program- among other things it has a very limited set of colors.

Challenge No. 2: Well, I don't draw like that anymore. Instead of fixing what I did two decades ago, as I had the urge to do, I had to try to recapture that way of seeing/marking so the parts would match.

Challenge No. 3: I don't *look* like that anymore. I know the first part was very closely observed in the mirror (and then distorted through the funhouse mirror of my brain) but the recent part was done strictly from imagination.

Issues with Layers: I had a perfectly sharp scan of a photo of this drawing to work with, and pretty high res. But between what Apple does and what Layers does, by the time it was in the Layers App it was pretty darn fuzzy. I also wish it was clearer somehow which layer I was marking on - maybe a warning when you're not drawing on the top layer.

Requests for Layers: I would really really like to be able to specify a color/colors to be made transparent on a not otherwise transparent drawing. For instance, in a simpler case, I'd like to be able to import a black on white line drawing and have all the white become transparent. And of course, I would like a chalk/pastel-like "brush".

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