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Friday, September 5, 2008

iDraw: Quick Brush on the Way to Bed...

I was literally falling asleep while I did this - at one point I just tilted over on the couch. So it did not get the attention of the previous two, and I'm posting two versions, as they each have different problems. I definitely prefer the mouth, rough as it is, on the earlier version. Like the previous two, it was done with Brushes on my iPod Touch. However, this time I used the second of the three line types, and a white instead of a black background. Continuing my review of the program, although I really enjoy drawing with Brushes, I'm not liking the images as much when they're uploaded to Photoshop, nor how they print. I'm not sure if the issue is just resolution or something else, but they are more pixelated than I would prefer.

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