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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

iDraw: Cartoon Carrot Top

'iDraw: Cartoon Carrot Top' digital iPod Touch self-portrait by San Francisco Bay Area artist Julia Kay usig Squiggles Application. (Click to view same image larger.) Another drawing on my iPod Touch with my finger and the Squiggles application. It turns out that drawing with the star shape is an OK way to make hair.

I think Squiggles is one of only two of these programs that allow you to set an offset of the cursor from your finger, and the only one that allows you to do this with color (No. 2 is the other one). Setting an offset is great because you can draw more precisely, especially when you want to do something like continue an existing line. It also lets you draw all the way to the edge more easily, as you can see here I was able to draw the background to all the edges without a problem. However (there's always a however!) to get to each edge, you have to change the offset angle, and changing the offset means going through two layers of dialog boxes. So first request would be to make this feature more accessible. Second, it would be really great of there were a feature (which you could opt to turn on or off) that sensed when you were approaching the edge of the screen and made an adjustment in the angle of the offset. I don't have a great idea off the top of my head about the interface for this, but I think it's something worth thinking about.

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