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Monday, September 15, 2008

iDraw: Green Turban

I drew this with ColorTilt, a drawing program in which the color you're drawing with changes at the slightest movement/angle change of the iPod/iPhone. I had pretty much dismissed it as pretty to look at but impossible to draw with - can't control what color you have, can't get back a color you had before, etc. And yet... managed to get this quite satisfyingly painterly piece made this morning. It did seem that related colors clustered together - I'd like to be able to set it, ie reds when you tilt to the right and blues when you tilt to the left, darker when you tilt up, lighter when you tilt down, etc. Other than that it has line size and opacity sliders, and you can temporarilly freeze a color you're using. I would like to see a save function so I don't have to rely on taking screen shots.

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