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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I Come From Remulac, a Small Town in Southern France

'Bull-headed and Pig-nosed' watercolor self-portrait by San Francisco Bay Area artist Julia Kay. (Click to view same image larger.) I periodically have alot of trouble uploading images to blogger via ftp from my mac to my website hosted outside of google-land. On the assumption that others are having similar difficulties, I thought I'd share what I've figured out. I used third-party ftp software to look at the uploaded_images folder on my web server, and it looks like often when there is a failure message, the error is happening after a successful upload of the image. The problem is that in order to reference the image in your post you need to know what it is called - your original file name with blogger-generated numeric suffix. However, using the third-party FTP software I could see the names and sizes of the uploaded files, so I was easily able to deduce which was the thumbnail that appears inline in the blog, and which was the full-size image that it links to. I copied the 'a' tag from a previous successful post and then changed the names of the files based on my preview via the ftp client, and voila, it worked! For mac users I recommend cyberduck, though there are many fine free and/or inexpensive ftp clients out there. (In case you're wondering, .ch is Switzerland)

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