I spent the morning drawing at the Olmec show at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, CA, USA – and talking to kids, adult patrons and guards about drawing on my iPod Touch.

It’s a great show and up for less than a month more – I highly recommend a visit to anyone in the area.

I was relieved that they were allowing drawing at this exhibit. They often don’t, which finally got them some negative press recently. It’s a personal grudge of mine. I’ve been in museums literally all over the world and the place I’ve found least interested in supporting actual artists is the deYoung. It is true that in Morocco the guards would occasionally tell us we were taking too long looking at something, based on how long the museum was open and how much of the museum was left to view, but noone else has ever objected to drawing. In Turkey they brought me a chair to sit on and a cup of tea, but that’s another story.

In any event drawing was OK, and I hope to go back and draw some more. I was drawing with my finger on my iPod Touch so the poor guards came over periodically to tell me no photos or no cell phones, but I would patiently explain that I was drawing and show them what I was doing, so it was OK – actually they were quite interested in drawing on the touch screen. One guard noted that it seemed alot more convenient than having to use those stylus things which people were always losing.

There were alot of student groups since it was midday of midweek. which has its pros and cons. Of course I like to see kids in museums and getting introduced to art and everyone was pretty well-behaved- only the teenagers were a bit annoying but it was just inherent in their being teenagers, I think.

Anyway it was fun drawing and talking to various people about how I was drawing – as one patron astutely put it ‘Using the most modern technology to draw some of the most ancient objects’

Unhappy Olmec Infant 2011.04.13 Olmec Big Head (3) 2011.04.13

Olmec Big Head (2) 2011.04.13