Not John Bavaro 2011.02.12 f, originally uploaded by Julia Kay -.

Pen on paper/moleskine notebook.
Freehand from a photo.
5.5 X 7 inches.
<=30 minutes.

Today I attempted to draw John Bavaro, an artist whose work I like a great deal. (Please check John’s work here:

For most of the week contour line drawings were flowing out of me and I had some great photos of John so I just thought la di da I would make a couple nice contour drawings but that’s not how it went. As I kept rejecting pages, I started drawing over them with thicker markers so there are pieces of drawings floating in the middle of other drawings and bleeding back onto other pages and that might be the most interesting thing that happened.

Can’t say there’s any resemblance to John in any of these but it was time to stop for the night- perhaps another time.

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