iPod Touch
Fat Tag Katsu (Paid Version) & Strip Designer Apps
Freehand from a drawing by Tim Schorre
Each frame <=5 minutes

With a tip of the hat to Andres Musta for his many great portraits on real Hello stickers, and another tip of the hat to Tim Schorre, from whom I learned about this App, and whose self-portrait these are based on.

I was thinking about how we see ourselves vs how others see us. For instance almost everyone tells me my self-portraits don’t look like me. Tim’s self-portraits have a distinct look and clearly resemble him, but they also don’t portray him as I see him. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to draw him from his own quick drawing so I did.. and did… and did again.

In this case Fat Tag provided the Hello Sticker background, which Tim had used in his own self-portrait. The paid version of the app gives you some options for backgrounds, pen sizes & types, a few colors, turning dripping on and off, and drips now follow the accelerometer as you tilt.

However still no undo, no control of speed or quantity of drips if they’re on, two quick strokes can erase your drawing for good, and while you can move and resize your drawing against the background, you don’t seem to be able to keep drawing on it in the new position. When you draw it goes back to the original placement. It has some fun attributes but I guess I’m spoiled because 1.99 USD seemed too much for this.

Strip Designer was used to place the series in film-strip format.