Finger Design Photo Collage App
From imagination

Billy Taylor
Bill Traylor

The App report: This App has great potential and I was really psyched. It has a really nice selection of papers for you to cut up and you can import your own photos to cut up and collage. There’s a choice of clean cut line or a ragged torn line, and the movement of the pieces around the screen with rotating and resizing is really fluid.

However, it crashes to the degree that I need to restart my iPad, not good in general, but really bad for a paid App. Also, once you cut a shape you can’t alter it – neither to add more back on nor to cut more away (and trying is one of the things that will crash it). You also can’t cut holes in shapes, ie you can cut a circle but not a donut. These seem like basic necessities. On the list of advanced can’ts. you can’t group objects and lock them together (glue them down), save shapes you’ve cut for use in other collages, duplicate shapes, trace a shape, etc., etc. I sent an email to the developers and will keep you posted if they respond.

More on all this tomorrow as it’s bedtime. This App has really great potential but I cannot recommend it now because it crashes and is missing what I consider to be necessary features (and is not free). However, I’ve written to the developers and will keep everyone posted as to their responsiveness.