Girlhelious 2010.12.23, originally uploaded by Julia Kay -.

Sketch Club & Art Studio Apps
Freehand from a photo
45-60 minutes

Art Studio is a great app in it’s own right for drawing and image creation, but with the new features it’s also become my ‘onboard’ ‘photoshop’. For instance, everything you see here was drawn with Sketch Club but I used Art Studio multiple times to move, rotate and shrink parts, then import back to Sketch Club to keep drawing, back to Art Studio to fix something, back to Sketch Club to draw,etc.

Today’s portrait is of Canadian Artist Sharon Pahalan, known on flickr as girlhelious.

You can see Sharon’s artwork on her flickr imagestream:
And website:

Photos of Sharon and other artists’ portraits of her can be seen here:…

I have really enjoyed writing about everyone’s work when I make my first portrait of them. However, I’ve realized that it keeps me from making portraits because of the time involved in making all the links and writing the descriptions.

So in the interest of more portraits, there’s going to be less writing. Instead, I encourage everyone to follow the link above and check out Sharon’s imagestream for themselves.