Patched-Together Man 2010.12.20, originally uploaded by Julia Kay -.

Inspire Pro, TypeDrawing, Brushes, Drawing Pad and ArtStudio.
Parts freehand from photos, parts from imagination.
Composite took 30-45 minutes.

I don’t know when all these features came into ArtStudio but there was just an upgrade and it now has:

- a selection tool, with which you can select (obviously), copy and paste (into new layer or other AS drawing)
- fully resizable, moveable and rotatable layers
- more layer blend options than Brushes (but still fewer than DXP)

To explore these new features, I started by importing an unfinished face from Inspire Pro as the base, collaged on eyes from a TypeDrawing face, nose from a Brushes portrait, mouth from a Drawing Pad portrait and then did some additional painting in ArtStudio to pull it all together.

It’s a reasonable replacement for Juxtaposer for higher res digital collage, but I do miss the Juxtaposer feature where you can ‘unerase’ back to an imported layer.

Unfortunately, this looks nothing like Richard Shulman, who I was planning on drawing tonight for the Portrait Party but never got to. Soon, Richard!