Art Rage on my iPad (oil brushes)
1-2 hours
Freehand from a photo.

For my first serious go at Art Rage I chose a familiar subject who also made life easier by having facial hair, a closed mouth, and dark glasses. Interestingly I see I’ve given him too long a nose, and placed his glasses way to high up on his face – familiar errors quite common in my portraits 10-20 years ago. I kept thinking his ears were too high – the problem was too much middle of the face.

Anyway, what about Art Rage? It’s fun, great effects, slow going, still figuring out the interface but it’s better than the desktop version, wish there wasn’t so much lag when drawing, hope for larger exported files in a future version.

Does anyone know if there is a way to dry the paint already on the canvas? I know I can specify insta-dry paint before I draw, but how about indicating that I want all the paint already down to now be dry?