Collage App Comparison 2010.09.12, originally uploaded by Julia Kay.

All three are digital collages made on my iPod Touch from scans of an oil painting and a charcoal drawing. The set was put together in Photoshop on my Mac. From left to right:

a. Juxtaposer App, resolution 656 X 800.
b. Photochop App, resolution 768 X 929.
c. Paintbook App, resolution 1694 X 2048

(Resolotions reduced to the lowest to fit them on the same page for upload)

While Paintbook is the clear winner for resolution, Juxtaposer is still the clear winner for collaging features.

I was hopeful about new App PhotoChop but although it has higher res than Juxtaposer, the image seems less sharp, Also, you could not enlarge the image you were working on or change the size of the eraser/uneraser to have control over detail areas.

One of Paintbook’s main issue is that since it is not designed for this specifically, there is no ‘unerase’, only undo. Unerase on the other Apps lets you bring back any part of the top layer at any time. The other issue with Paintbook is that as it is primarily a vector drawing program, it erases with an extremely sharp edge, and the cuts are therefore very clear.

Juxtaposer’s only issue is that it is so low res, Otherwise it is a perfect App for doing this. You can zoom in and out to see what you’re doing, work with either a very large or very very small ‘brush’, have a choice about softness of edge, erase/unerase the top layer at any time, load on as many layers as you want, and save your session at multiple stages so you can add a new layer but easily go back to a previous version if it didn’t work out.

I guess if I was going to ask for one feature besides higher res, it would be the possibility of returning to previous layers even after you’ve added more. But this would just be icing on the cake,