Man or Mountain? 2010.08.27, originally uploaded by Julia Kay.

Here is the missing ‘Daily Art’ from 9/24-9/27, when I was camping. I held off on posting these so they would coincide with the publication of my essay on what I learned by spending a couple hours every day making these bad paintings. Please check out the essay here:

All comments anywhere are always appreciated, but they’ll be especially appreciated on the essay’s website. (Thanks!)

3 X 4 inches

After Etch-A-Sketch and before Mobile Digital Art – there was MagnaDoodle! I almost snatched the first one I saw out of the hands of the 10 year old happily entertaining herself at a party for adults, but I controlled myself and politely asked to borrow it when she was done. Then we went out and bought half a dozen in different sizes to have around the house and give as gifts.

This was done after I got home, from photographs. Naturally I see faces everywhere, even in the mountains…