Charlotte & Randy 2010.09.03, originally uploaded by Julia Kay.

Sharpie marker on paper.
5.5 X 7 inches.
Freehand from photos.

I couldn’t resist the mirrored poses, and similar expressions and glasses. I also couldn’t resist opening up and trying the other style of Moleskine notebook I was given.

The paper took the pen really well – it felt great to draw on it. However, the pages are quite thin so if I use these kind of markers I will only use every other set of pages as it goes right through to the back of the page.

Charlotte’s work is here:
Randy’s work is here:

Together, their work shows some of the range of the Portrait Party – from tight, literal depictions of light on wrinkled skin to loose, experimental depictions in expressionist color.

We’re having a Portrait Party on flickr – more than 300 artists drawing each other! If you’re an artist who’d like to draw/paint other flickr artists, please join the Portrait Party at: