Quill App on my iPod Touch and Photoshop on my Mac.
60 – 90 minutes
Freehand from a photo

Today’s portrait is of American Artist Jean-Pierre Welch. Jean-Pierre has a wonderful smile, which extends from his grin to his eyes. Unfortunately, I’ve made him sad/worried from his brow to his lips. Well, at least he doesn’t look insane, like I do in my self-portraits with toothy "smiles". He was lots of fun to draw and I may yet come back and give his smile another try. I originally intended this to overlay the ’stadium abstract’ of last week which was done from the background of the same photo, but it didn’t work at all!

But enough about me and my processes… Jean Pierre works with brush pens on paper and the Brushes App on his iPad, as well as other traditional and digital media. I like his loose line work and carefully composed cropping, and I look forward to watching his style develop.

You can see Jean-Pierre’s artwork on his flickr imagestream: www.flickr.com/photos/jpwelch/

Photos of Jean-Pierre and other artists’ portraits of him can be seen here: www.flickr.com/groups/portraitparty/discuss/7215762389624…

Julia for JKPP We’re having a Portrait Party on flickr – more than 300 artists drawing each other! Here is Jean-Pierre’s portrait of me from the party. If you’re an artist who’d like to draw/paint other flickr artists, please join the Portrait Party at: www.flickr.com/groups/portraitparty/