Red Bugs: 2010.08.06, originally uploaded by Julia Kay.

Colors! App on my iPod Touch
<= 15 minutes
From imagination

The hardest thing for me about making a drawing I really like (yesterday’s portrait of Luis, for example) is walking into the studio the next day and not competing with myself – somehow forgetting the previous drawing exists and starting fresh instead of trying to ‘do that again’.

In this case I opted to just go with something in a completely different style and far less complexity, to get my hands and brain to forget, so that eventually, they can remember, but in a spontaneous way.

The Colors! App has been around for a long time – I had before Brushes, Layers, etc., and it hasn’t had any recent updates. There’s only the one flat color mark, but it does have transparency. The main feature that I keep it around for is that you can set it up to vary line or transparency by tilt, so you can make one continuous line that varies quite a bit.

But don’t let me fool you – it’s pretty tricky to get the hang of and I still can’t control it as much as I’d like, The most success I’ve had with this feature is this piece:…