Big Foot 2010.08.02, originally uploaded by Julia Kay.

NetSketch on my iPod Touch
~15-20 minutes
From imagination

This is an earlier App from the maker of Layers. It’s a vector drawing program, with pretty much infinite zoom in for details. I believe this is the App Russ Croop used to make his huge prints. However, I was not able to get the process of uploading to the App’s website and then downloading a high res file to work, so all I have is this not very high res and somewhat blurry .jpg. I sent an email to the App Developer, so we’ll see.

Oh, the other feature it has that should be fun but I haven’t tested, is working on the same drawing with multiple people via wifi. We should definitely try this with either this App or DoodleBuddy at the IAMDA conference in NYC this fall.