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Freehand from a photo of one of Mariah’s self-portraits.
Oops, lost track of the time!!

Say, that’s not my face! My Daily Portrait Project ended – please read about it in my essay for Women’s Voices for Change:

I’m on to a more varied daily art practice. March-April 2010, I intend to draw a different contemporary artist every day.

Today’s artist is Mariah O’Neill. I love her paintings, but I’m in awe of her pencil work. She’s an incredible draughtsman, colorist, and chronicler of the human condition, who unflinchingly paints what she sees and feels. I always enjoy looking at her work, and really learned alot about color values, saturation, and the small details of highlight and shadow while making this “painting” this evening. (Whether or not you can have a digital painting since there is no paint involved, is a discussion for another time.)

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