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From life/observation and imagination

When I ordered new tires for my truck a couple weeks ago, I found the pricing a bit hard to follow – first they say this much per tire but then actually it’s this much more per tire with installation & tax, less 70 USD coupon and you need to pay this much downpayment. So I asked the person at the counter to write on my invoice what my balance was so I would know what I owed. Frankly something didn’t seem right (a bit low, but I was relieved) so I asked him a second time and he was adamant that he was telling me the right thing – so I asked him to please sign it, which he happily and confidently did.

Now we come to today. After wainting on line about 15 minutes (above), a different person at the counter tells me that what the first guy wrote down a couple weeks ago is wrong, in fact it’s $70 more than that. We look at all the posted prices, and in fact he took off the 70 USD coupon twice – well he used a base price that already had the 70 USD deducted.

So should I pay what the price was supposed to be as clearly the original person made an error? Or should the tire store honor a signed quote from their employee and give me the extra 70 USD off?