Sue Hodnett 2010.06.26, originally uploaded by Julia Kay.

Quill App on my iPod Touch
Freehand from a photo
15-3o minutes

June 2010: I intend to continue to profile contemporary artists once or twice a week. On the other days, I intend to draw… whatever I darn well feel like!

Today’s portrait is of British painter Sue Hodnett. She makes fabulous, energetic. color-filled paintings that are so loose and splashy it’s hard to imagine they can be anything but abstracts. Yet her control of this seeming chaos is so great that she creates wonderful landscapes, cityscapes, garden scenes and portraits of people and sculptures with unmistakable likenesses.

It seems a little odd to have drawn her so clean-edged, when in my mind’s eye she has as much splash as her paintings – I’ll have to dive back in for a looser one.

You can see Sue’s artwork on her flickr imagestream:

And website:

Photos of Sue and other artists’ portraits of her can be seen here:…

Julia Kay & sculpture portrait for her portrait party 19/04/10We’re having a Portrait Party on flickr – more than 200 artists drawing each other! Here is Sue’s portrait of me from the party. If you’re an artist who’d like to draw/paint other flickr artists, please join the Portrait Party at: