Just Dance! 2010.06.16, originally uploaded by Julia Kay.

Art Studio App on my iPod Touch
<= 15 minutes
From imagination.

The new version of Art Studio has a lot of great features, including the option to vary line thickness with stroke speed and to add a ‘jitter’ effect to the line. It also has a few builit-in filters.

I thought the jitter was perfect but would like to choose whether increased speed causes a thicker or thinner line. The implementation here is for fast=thinner. This makes sense for imitating a pen dragging over paper, but doesn’t make so much sense to me for drawing – I want a thin line to carefully draw small details and a thick line to quickly fill in large areas.

In general I find the interface a bit cluttered but I love all the options for varying a line (even without speed you can have it be thinner or thicker or more transparent at the beginning and/or end of each stroke)

This new version seems a bit slow (depending on which options I’ve selected) on my original version iPod Touch, and also a little buggy – sometimes it just stops drawing until I quit the program and start it up again.

Despite all of which, overall I think it’s a great program which I will continue to use.