Through the Doorway 2010.08.07, originally uploaded by Julia Kay.

Inkling, Typedrawing & DXP Apps on my iPod Touch
From imagination.

FacesiMake on my iPod Touch
15-30 minutes
From imagination

This just goes to show how contrary I am. As followers of my Daily Portrait Project know, I’ll make a face out of anything – from macaroni on a plate to TrippingFest, an iPhone App meant to draw abstract patterns of geometric shapes in random colors. So here comes an App that’s designed to make faces from objects and what do I do? I make other things…

This App is alot of fun and I recommend giving it a try (it’s free).

Naturally, though, I have some feature requests…
- Please allow us to resize objects – they’re not in correct relation to each other anyway.
- Please allow us to turn objects using pretty standard two finger touch and turn rather than having to grab the ring
- Please make the ring easier to see on dark backgrounds
- Please make it clearer where we need to tap to grab an object – I get frustrated so I imagine kids must get very frustrated.
- Allow us to set a default head and background so we don’t have to get rid of the lime green with every new picture

And superuser features:
- Allow us to import our own objects (png files)
- Allow us to import an image to use as the background.

In any event – thanks for this App – I had a good time with it this afternoon.