Why Paint the Unpaintable?, originally uploaded by Julia Kay.

Please read my new essay on what I learned making bad paintings of the mountains on my recent camping trip:


My musings on the best way to display digital art, especially in conjunction with non-digital art. If you’re inclined to comment, please comment on the essay’s website rather than here – thanks!


Julia Kay, San Francisco, CA, originally uploaded by cowofchange.

Here are my pieces on the wall at The World at Our Fingertips International Art Show at the Flying Pig Gallery and Greenspace, Algoma, Wisconsin

You can see more photos of the show at Cow of Change’s excellent set of photos

Katherine Treffinger has a blog in which she asks artists about the meaning of making art – today she asked me:


Please check out my answer, and also the many interesting answers of the other artists who have responded. Katharine’s own beautiful paintings can be seen here: