I think these work better as a batch than any of them do individually. The image is very high res so do look at it larger to see the individual images better.

OK- is it digital or traditional? Which app/s or materials/methods did I use? Free print of anything in my photostream to the first person who can figure out how these were made.

Improbable: 2010.08.08, originally uploaded by Julia Kay.

Watercolor on paper.
13 X 19 inches.
Left-handed with some right-handed blotting.
From imagination and riffing loosely on this self-portrait from 2002.

In the middle of the night, still not fully recovered from a nasty chest cold, and knowing I have to get up early tomorrow, suddenly nothing will do but I must, yes must, play with extremely unfamiliar wet on wet watercolor techniques with my left hand. I blame the incredible, inspiring watercolors of Anne Watkins.

This is the fourth attempt, and it bears no resemblance to the first three complete failures…

Better photo coming with daylight.

Incognito 2010.07.31, originally uploaded by Julia Kay.

5 X 7 inches.
Black and ‘graphite" water-soluable crayon and water-soluable pencil and water on paper.
From life/observation/mirror.

Done over two sessions – started mid-morning by daylight, completed in late evening by artificial light from a completely different direction. ~30-60 minutes total.

These got really fun after I decided they sucked and stopped trying so hard. Glad to see I can still make images with traditional art supplies that can’t be ‘undo’ed or cleanly erased.

If I tell you it’s me, then I blow being incognito…

2010.06.20 What Type Am?, originally uploaded by Julia Kay.

Typedrawing 1.0, Typedrawing 2.1, and DXP to bring them together.
From Imagination.

Color type drawing overlaid previous black and white typedrawing using DXP.

Quill App on my iPod Touch
15-20 minutes
Freehand from a photo.

May 2010: I intend to continue to profile contemporary artists once or twice a week. On the other days, I intend to draw… whatever I darn well feel like!

Today it was my old friend – me!