African Mask 2010.08.22, originally uploaded by Julia Kay.

Mostly SpinArt on my iPod Touch .
However, I also used ColorClaw to make the second eye different colors and Photoshop to paste it all together.

~30 minutes
From imagination.

I’m trying to find Apps I’m not using to take off my device but SpinArt is amusing enough to stay…

The Watcher 2010.08.09, originally uploaded by Julia Kay.

Magic Brushes and Brushes Apps on my iPod Touch.
From imagination

I hope the Watcher is watching over everyone’s health tonight.

This was mainly done in Magic Brushes with the built-in ‘regular’ brushes, and then finished up in Brushes.

Red Bugs: 2010.08.06, originally uploaded by Julia Kay.

Colors! App on my iPod Touch
<= 15 minutes
From imagination

The hardest thing for me about making a drawing I really like (yesterday’s portrait of Luis, for example) is walking into the studio the next day and not competing with myself – somehow forgetting the previous drawing exists and starting fresh instead of trying to ‘do that again’.

In this case I opted to just go with something in a completely different style and far less complexity, to get my hands and brain to forget, so that eventually, they can remember, but in a spontaneous way.

The Colors! App has been around for a long time – I had before Brushes, Layers, etc., and it hasn’t had any recent updates. There’s only the one flat color mark, but it does have transparency. The main feature that I keep it around for is that you can set it up to vary line or transparency by tilt, so you can make one continuous line that varies quite a bit.

But don’t let me fool you – it’s pretty tricky to get the hang of and I still can’t control it as much as I’d like, The most success I’ve had with this feature is this piece:…

TouchSketch on my iPod Touch.
From imagination.
<= 15 minutes.

Definitely one of those draw and see what happens drawings…

Digital collage using PaintBook App on my iPod Touch of a previous Paintbook drawing, an acrylic painting on paper, and a digital photo.
Drawings were from life, imagination and photos.

PaintBook is definitely a contender with Juxtaposer for collaging as you can fully resize, rotate, and erase (to transparency) parts of each layer, and it has seemingly infinite numbers of layers which you can also show, hide, merge etc.

Juxtaposer’s interface for doing this is much better but Juxtaposer’s resolution is pathetic, while Paintbook’s is excellent. Of course it will depend on your source images, too, but you can save files up to 16 mg in size.

I bet those ladies on the bench are happy to be transported from the train station, where they started out…

Big Foot 2010.08.02, originally uploaded by Julia Kay.

NetSketch on my iPod Touch
~15-20 minutes
From imagination

This is an earlier App from the maker of Layers. It’s a vector drawing program, with pretty much infinite zoom in for details. I believe this is the App Russ Croop used to make his huge prints. However, I was not able to get the process of uploading to the App’s website and then downloading a high res file to work, so all I have is this not very high res and somewhat blurry .jpg. I sent an email to the App Developer, so we’ll see.

Oh, the other feature it has that should be fun but I haven’t tested, is working on the same drawing with multiple people via wifi. We should definitely try this with either this App or DoodleBuddy at the IAMDA conference in NYC this fall.

Did You Want ME? 2010.08.01, originally uploaded by Julia Kay.

SketchBookMobile on my iPod Touch
<=15 minutes
From imagination

Fooling around with this App for a couple hours pretty much confirmed that although SKBM has great features, it does not have the interface for me…

FacesiMake on my iPod Touch
15-30 minutes
From imagination

This just goes to show how contrary I am. As followers of my Daily Portrait Project know, I’ll make a face out of anything – from macaroni on a plate to TrippingFest, an iPhone App meant to draw abstract patterns of geometric shapes in random colors. So here comes an App that’s designed to make faces from objects and what do I do? I make other things…

This App is alot of fun and I recommend giving it a try (it’s free).

Naturally, though, I have some feature requests…
- Please allow us to resize objects – they’re not in correct relation to each other anyway.
- Please allow us to turn objects using pretty standard two finger touch and turn rather than having to grab the ring
- Please make the ring easier to see on dark backgrounds
- Please make it clearer where we need to tap to grab an object – I get frustrated so I imagine kids must get very frustrated.
- Allow us to set a default head and background so we don’t have to get rid of the lime green with every new picture

And superuser features:
- Allow us to import our own objects (png files)
- Allow us to import an image to use as the background.

In any event – thanks for this App – I had a good time with it this afternoon.

Art Studio App on my iPod Touch
15-30 minutes
From imagination

Just fooling around trying out the new brush settings and other features, playing with color & attempting to think abstractly when Dang! this crazy character showed up…

Just Dance! 2010.06.16, originally uploaded by Julia Kay.

Art Studio App on my iPod Touch
<= 15 minutes
From imagination.

The new version of Art Studio has a lot of great features, including the option to vary line thickness with stroke speed and to add a ‘jitter’ effect to the line. It also has a few builit-in filters.

I thought the jitter was perfect but would like to choose whether increased speed causes a thicker or thinner line. The implementation here is for fast=thinner. This makes sense for imitating a pen dragging over paper, but doesn’t make so much sense to me for drawing – I want a thin line to carefully draw small details and a thick line to quickly fill in large areas.

In general I find the interface a bit cluttered but I love all the options for varying a line (even without speed you can have it be thinner or thicker or more transparent at the beginning and/or end of each stroke)

This new version seems a bit slow (depending on which options I’ve selected) on my original version iPod Touch, and also a little buggy – sometimes it just stops drawing until I quit the program and start it up again.

Despite all of which, overall I think it’s a great program which I will continue to use.