Zen Brush on my iPod Touch
<= 5 minutes
From life/observation

Wainting* on a very long line at my medical plan’s pharmacy.

*Painting while waiting.

Sketchbook Mobile on my iPod Touch
30-60 minutes
From imagination.

Save, save, save.
But why does it take so many taps to save and then come back to the image to keep working on it?

Sketchbook Mobile on my iPod Touch.
15-30 minutes.
Freehand from a photo of Klee’s painting ‘Zitronen’

Getting a little further than in the past playing with SBM. It definitely has some great features but it quit on me in the middle of my next drawing and lost it, never a happy moment.

Also, is there really only 1 clean-edged eraser? We can’t make any brush into an eraser?

Also, can’t I change which brushes are on the main menu? The ones that are there aren’t the ones I use…

Web of Leaf Redux 2010.10.09, originally uploaded by Julia Kay.

SketchbookMobile on my iPod Touch, with a zatz of increased contrast from Photoshop on my Mac
15-30 minutes
Directly from a photo

This is a completely different drawing than the one I posted a couple days ago, though both were made by drawing over the same photo of a shadow of a philodendron leaf.

Pen on paper (Moleskine notebook) with one cover-up curtesy of Photoshop on my Mac
15-30 minutes
Freehand from a photo

Today’s portrait is of England-based Canadian Artist Mareen Nathan, known on flickr as Madre Gal. I feel a connection with her due to our shared interest in portraits and self-portraits, and her willingness to experiment in different media and styles. I especially like her detailed contour line drawings and dramatic portraits with bold contrasts in tone.

You can see Maureen’s artwork on her flickr imagestream: www.flickr.com/photos/maureennathan/
And website: www.maureennathan.com/

Photos of Maureen and other artists’ portraits of her can be seen here: www.flickr.com/groups/portraitparty/discuss/7215762428692…

JKPP - Julia KayWe’re having a Portrait Party on flickr – more than 300 artists drawing each other! Here is Maureen’s portrait of me from the party. If you’re an artist who’d like to draw/paint other flickr artists, please join the Portrait Party at: www.flickr.com/groups/portraitparty/

Web of Leaf 2010.10.07, originally uploaded by Julia Kay.

Typedrawing App on my iPod Touch
Directly from a photo
15-30 minutes

Brushes and ArtStudio Apps on my iPod Touch
Freehand from a photo
<=15 minutes

The game is: type some random thing into google images (I typed “scriggle’) and draw something on the first page. At first I did not even investigate what scriggle had to do with this stag beetle, I was just happy to have hit the jackpot of something fun to draw.

Photo by by Gretel Parker. flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/paintgranny/4731129864/
Gretel’s blog: allaroundus.blogspot.com/2010/06/angels-and-demons.html

Sad 2010.10.05, originally uploaded by Julia Kay.

Brushes App on my iPod Touch
<=5 minutes
From imagination

Wasabi App on my iPod Touch
Freehand from a photo (not imagination, ha!)
<=15 minutes

Once AK gave me the title, I had to make the painting…
(It’s a bad pun, for the non-English speakers)

Frosting Face 2010.10.03, originally uploaded by Julia Kay.

Wasabi App on iPod Touch
<=15 minutes
From imagination